One day dental crowns in Orlando differ from conventional dental crowns because, as the name implies, you get to have them on the same day of your dental appointment. These crowns are identical in appearance and function to traditional crowns.  

However, people prefer them because they are ready to wear in as little as two hours. Meanwhile, traditional dental crowns require two separate appointments about two weeks apart since the crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory.

close-up of one day dental crowns in orlando

Why Do People Prefer One Day Dental Crowns


Since dentists use modern CAD/CAM technology, same day crowns are created to mimic the contours, translucence, and overall appearance of real teeth. The system can create lifelike crevices and variances in shape to make it look natural. Using digital technology allows dentists to produce an accurate model making the crown fit snugly and providing a more natural feel and look.  

Turnaround Time Is Faster

Waiting weeks to get their smile back can be frustrating for busy people since they’ll be forced to wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. With one day dental crowns, you don’t have to contend with the discomfort since you get to walk out of the office with your permanent crowns in a single appointment.  

The Process Is Efficient

Dental implant surgery is a long, drawn-out process, but people are willing to go through it because of the long-term benefits implants offer. But the waiting time gets extended since you must wait another two weeks to get your new crowns after a successful osseointegration. You don’t have to wait this long if you choose one day dental crowns.

dentist in orlando showing one day dental crowns to a patient

Excited to Get Your One Day Dental Crowns in Orlando?

The beauty of one day dental crowns is worth every penny. At Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we will work closely with you to create a tailored treatment plan to restore your smile and oral function. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.