Every time we introduce Teeth In A Day® in Orlando to our patients as part of their options, they always give us a skeptical look, especially for those who have tried traditional dental implants.

As you know, conventional dental implants take months to complete. So, when they have the option to have their smile restored in a day, it’s a little hard to believe. It will take a lot of explaining to convince them that Teeth In A Day® treatment is, in fact, real and not something  too good to be true.

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Is Getting Teeth In A Day® Possible?

What Is Teeth In A Day®?

Teeth in a Day® is a procedure that involves replacing missing teeth with dental implants in one day. The process is painless since you will be given a local anesthetic. The area being treated is removed unless you already have missing teeth. Next, the site will be reshaped to provide space for dental implants.

Titanium implants acting as anchors for your artificial teeth are surgically inserted into your alveolar bone to function like tooth roots. You’ll be given temporary teeth over your implants to allow them to heal and fuse with your jawbone. When osseointegration has been achieved, you’ll be given your permanent set of teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth In A Day®?

What’s there not to love about them? They offer unparalleled benefits. Besides getting one-day treatment, your temporary teeth are securely anchored to your mouth, just like natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping in and out. Your new set of teeth is also ready to use right after the procedure, which means your speaking and chewing abilities are quickly restored.  

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Complete Your Smile with Teeth In A Day® in Orlando!

At Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we take pride in our experienced and dedicated staff helping you restore your smile and oral health care needs. Contact us today to set an appointment to find out if you are eligible for Teeth in a Day.

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