Why are more and more people considering Teeth In A Day® in Orlando? You don’t need rocket science to figure out why. Teeth In A Day® allows you to replace missing teeth in a single appointment.  

In the past, completing your smile with traditional dental implants would take several months because your oral surgeon would have to wait for your gums and jawbone to heal after the implants were inserted. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, the waiting time has been shortened from months to one day!  

dentist checking patient's new teeth in a day in orlando

Why Teeth in a Day® Is Your Best Option

Saves You Time

If you’re interested in traditional dental implants, you must have the patience to wait for months before you can enjoy their benefits. While waiting for your implants to heal, you’ll be asked to wear partial or full dentures.  

With Teeth In A Day® , you don’t have to wait more than a day to get your smile back. Since you only need one trip to the dental office, the procedure saves you a great deal of time. It means you get to leave the dental office with a brand-new smile! All these in less than 24 hours.  

Fewer Implants

Teeth in a day is an excellent option because you only need four implants to replace an entire row of teeth instead of a single implant for every missing tooth.  

Conventional dental implants may require bone grafting if your jawbone is not strong enough to support the implants; this means you may need two surgeries. Teeth In A Day® treatment does not require bone grafting because the implants are placed in the thicker areas of your jawbone.  

dentist checking man's teeth in a day in orlando

Are You Interested in Teeth In A Day® in Orlando?

Most patients undoubtedly prefer teeth in a day because they are convenient and offer numerous benefits. Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry proudly provides this service to our patients. Our team has the skills and knowledge to deliver quality dental care. Contact us today for an appointment.

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