Orlando dentures and dental implants are popular solutions for replacing missing teeth, each with its advantages. If you're experiencing issues with your dental implants or your circumstances have changed, consider switching to dentures.

Let’s explore the process, reasons, and benefits of switching from implants to dentures.

Why Switch from Implants to Dentures?

  • Implant Failure: Dental implants can sometimes fail due to factors like poor osseointegration, infection, or excessive stress on the implant.
  • Bone Loss: Over time, bone loss around the implants can lead to instability.
  • Health Changes: Certain health conditions or medications can impact the success of dental implants.
  • Financial Considerations: Dentures can be more cost-effective than ongoing maintenance and potential replacement of implants.
  • Personal Preference: Some patients may find dentures easier to manage than the upkeep required for implants.

The Process of Switching

  1. Consultation and Evaluation: Begin with a thorough consultation with your dentist to assess the condition of your implants and overall oral health.
  1. Removal of Implants: An experienced oral surgeon will carefully remove the implants If deemed necessary.
  1. Healing Period: Allow time for the bone and gums to heal, which may take several weeks to months.
  1. Impression Taking: Once healed, impressions of your gums and any remaining teeth will be taken to create custom dentures.
  1. Fitting and Adjustment: The dentures will be fitted and adjusted for comfort and proper function, which may require multiple visits.

Benefits of Switching to Dentures

Here are some benefits of switching to dentures:

  • Affordability: Dentures are generally less expensive than implants.
  • Non-Surgical: Fitting dentures is a less invasive process.
  • Adjustability: Dentures can be adjusted or remade as needed to accommodate changes in the mouth.

Do You Have More Questions About Orlando Dentures and Implants?

If you're facing issues with your implants or are considering a change, consult your dentist to explore the best solution for your needs.

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