If you're missing several teeth or an entire arch, you may be considering dental implants or dentures as a solution. Dental implants are popular for their durability and long-term benefits, but dentures are also a viable option. In this article, we'll compare All on Four dental implants and dentures, so you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you.

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All on Four Dental Implants Versus Dentures

All on Four Dental Implants

All-on-4® dental implants are a type of dental implant system that uses four strategically placed implants to anchor a full arch of replacement teeth. This system is known for its durability and stability, and it can often be completed in just one day. Furthermore, All-on-4® implants can improve your overall oral health by preventing bone loss in your jaw.


Dentures are a removable set of artificial teeth held in place by suction or adhesives. They can be used to replace a full arch of teeth or just a few missing teeth. Dentures are an affordable and non-invasive option, but they may require frequent adjustments and can become loose or uncomfortable over time.

All on Four Dental Implants vs. Dentures

When it comes to comparing All-on-4® dental implants and dentures, there are several factors to consider. The cost of All-on-4® dental implants is generally higher than dentures, but they are a long-term investment in your oral health.  

All-on-4® dental implants are also more aesthetically pleasing than dentures since they are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. They are also more comfortable and easier to care for than dentures, which can become loose or uncomfortable and require several adjustments.  

While dentures are a more affordable option, they may not provide the same level of stability and functionality as All-on-4® dental implants. Dentures can also cause gum irritation and sores, requiring daily cleaning and maintenance to prevent infection and other oral health issues.

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All on Four Dental Implants in Orlando vs. Dentures: Which One is Right for You?

When it comes to deciding between All-on-4® dental implants and dentures, it ultimately comes down to your individual needs and budget.  

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