We’ve all been made to believe that there are no shortcuts to success except for one – same-day crowns in Orlando. From the name itself, same day crowns are undeniably enticing.  

Are same-day dental crowns too good to be true? The lack of information can create doubts, but if you learn about this procedure and its benefits, you’ll be grateful for its discovery. Same day dental crowns can make your smile more beautiful and boost oral function in less than a day!

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Why Should I Trust Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Saves You Time

Time is an advantage if you opt for same day dental crowns. Back then, patients had no choice but to wait for several weeks before they could have their smiles back. But now, thanks to advancements in dental technology, dental crowns can be made in one day.  

You don’t have to deal with messy impressions because everything is digitalized. The crowns are made in the dental office while you wait. After the procedure, you can go about your day with a brand new smile. Talk about convenience.

No More Temporary Crowns

With a traditional dental crown, you’ll be asked to wear a temporary crown for a couple of weeks while waiting for your permanent crown to be completed. Once your permanent crown is all set and ready, you need to return to the dental office so your dentist can remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one.  

The downside to wearing temporary crowns is that they may not fit your tooth properly, so you could experience discomfort and difficulty chewing.  

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Interested in Same-Day Crowns in Orlando?

At Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we will work closely with you to give you a smile you’ve always dreamed about. Our services are customized to fit your budget, lifestyle, and goals. Contact us today for an appointment.  

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