Smiling should come naturally. Sadly, some people feel uncomfortable exposing their teeth. If you can relate, then you need the help of cosmetic dentistry in Orlando. Cosmetic dentistry offers various treatments that aim to give your smile a complete makeover.Millions of Americans visit their cosmetic dentist each year to complain about stubborn tooth stains, a gummy smile, chipped or cracked teeth, and more. The good news is these issues can be fixed.

where can i find cosmetic dentistry in orlando?

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Transform Your Smile?

Gum Contouring

Have you ever seen someone smile but all you can see is their gums? Well, that’s what a person with a gummy smile looks like. People with receding or uneven gums can benefit from gum contouring. This procedure involves reshaping your gums with a soft tissue. As the laser cuts away gum tissue, it also simultaneously cauterizes the cuts.It only takes a few days for your gum tissue to completely heal. Discomfort and swelling are normal after gum contouring, but these should subside after 24 to 48.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are also a popular treatment. These are biocompatible metal screws that your oral surgeon will implant into your jawbone through an incision in your gum. Connected to these implants are abutments where your artificial teeth will be anchored.This is the only tooth replacement solution that’s permanent as it is designed to last a lifetime with proper care. Not only will the implants restore your smile, but they will also bring back your biting and chewing ability up to 100%.

where can i find cosmetic dentistry in orlando?

Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry in Orlando?

Are you unhappy with your smile? At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a wide range of cosmetic dental services guaranteed to enhance your smile. All of our dental health professionals are highly trained and skilled to provide you with the best possible care. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment with us.

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