How important is dental implant aftercare? It’s a top priority. Once the treatment is complete, your Orlando implant dentist will discuss what you need to do as soon as you get home. You can request a list of instructions so that you won’t forget. Dental implant aftercare is crucial to ensure the successful integration of the implant into the jawbone and to prevent infections and other complications in the future.  

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Time-Tested Dental Implant Aftercare  

How Long Does the Recovery Process Take?  

The recovery process is not the same for everyone. But generally, most people can return to their normal schedules the following day except for their diet.  

To protect the implant site from irritation, you’re expected to go on a soft diet for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Many factors can also influence healing time, like the number of dental implants placed, if bone grafting was done, and the patient’s overall health.    

How Do You Care for Your Dental Implants?

The following tips can help expedite the recovery and healing process:  

  • To stop the bleeding, apply clean damp gauze on the site.
  • Swelling is expected following the surgery. You can reduce the swelling by applying an ice pack on your affected face twice daily.  
  • It’s normal to feel pain and discomfort. The pain can be managed by taking over-the-counter painkillers.  
  • To prevent infection, you must practice good dental hygiene. How you care for your teeth and gums plays a significant role in healing. But you will be advised not to rinse your teeth for at least 24 hours post-op since the site is still sensitive. After a full day, you can gently brush your teeth and use soft bristles.  
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