The third set of molars usually makes their grand entrance when a person reaches the age of 17. Aside from the fact that wisdom teeth are obsolete and practically useless, they can also be a nuisance when their growth causes the alignment of your teeth and jaw to shift. For such cases, wisdom teeth removal Jacksonville FL is recommended by dental practitioners to address this issue. In case you’re not sure if you need yours to be extracted, check out these signs.

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Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Pain and Sensitivity in the Back of Your Mouth

Do you feel pain and discomfort in the back of your mouth every time you eat or brush your teeth? If you do, consider this as an obvious indication of a much-needed wisdom tooth extraction. You don’t have to spend another day writhing in pain or feeling that slight throbbing sensation. Have them checked by your dentist right away.

Inflammation Around Your Gums

One of the telltale signs that a wisdom tooth is about to erupt is when your gums become reddish and swollen along your gum line. This inflammation makes it challenging for you to properly brush your teeth because the gum line becomes sore when touched.

Development of Cysts Over Time

Ignoring the existence of your troublesome wisdom teeth will lead to the development of cysts in your mouth over time. These cysts look like sacs that have fluid inside them. When the cysts get bigger, they can potentially cause damage to the roots of your neighboring teeth.

Stiffness and Pain in the Jaw

As your wisdom teeth shift your teeth and jawline, you might feel a certain degree of stiffness and pain. You might also experience some limitations when you attempt to open or move your mouth and jaw.

Sinus Problems

If you experience sinus congestion or pressure and pain with your sinuses, you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

who offers wisdom teeth removal jacksonville fl?

Curious to Know More About Wisdom Teeth Removal Jacksonville FL?

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