Permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, given that you care for them conscientiously. However, this is not the reality for most people. More than half of the American population seeks restorative dental care because of tooth loss. Missing teeth is more than just an aesthetic concern. When missing teeth aren’t replaced, they can cause a host of other problems like increasing your risk of tooth decay, bone loss and causing your existing teeth to shift out of position. If you are looking for the best tooth replacement solution, trust us, dental implants in Orlando, FL has your answers.

What are dental implants orlando fl?

Why Is Dental Implant Surgery The Best Option?

Bone Loss Prevention

One of the benefits dental implants has to offer is the prevention of bone loss. You see, when you lose a permanent tooth you’re not just losing the crown but you’ll lose the tooth roots as well. Tooth roots are embedded in your jawbone. Biting and chewing are necessary to preserve bone tissues. When you take the stimulus away, your body will stop repairing and rebuilding bone tissues inevitably leading to bone loss. When your dental implant is in place, your biting and chewing ability are restored signaling your body to maintain bone tissue production.

Keeps Neighboring Teeth In Place

Dental implants are designed to accurately fit the space where your missing teeth were. As such, they prevent your existing teeth from shifting. According to studies, when your teeth shift out of place they can create more oral health issues. When dental implant placement is complete, you can be confident that your natural teeth will stay in their place.

What are dental implants orlando fl?

Are You Interested in Dental Implants in Orlando FL?

Replacing missing teeth should not just be about cosmetics, you must also take into consideration oral functionality. Inarguably, the closest thing to a natural tooth is a dental implant, which makes it the most in-demand treatment in the world today. If you wish to have your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, we can do it for you.At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a full range of dental services customized to your specific needs. All of our dental health professionals are highly trained and skilled to provide you with the best possible care. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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