Losing your baby teeth is part of life, but losing your permanent teeth due to decay or gum disease is a mere act of neglect. Lucky for you, your Orlando implant dentist can restore your smile in no time with dental implants.  Dental implants are an ideal option for individuals who are looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss. Studies show that implants can last decades! Compared to other tooth replacement options, a dental implant is the only artificial device that can potentially last a lifetime. But, don’t celebrate just yet. Implant dentists will carefully screen you for eligibility. 

Orlando implant dentist inspects titanium posts in mouth

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Healthy People

You can’t lie your way into getting implants because your implant dentist will obtain your health and medical history and examine your mouth if you qualify. Remember, this procedure requires surgery. Therefore, you have to be healthy enough to go through minor surgeries without the risk of complications. If you are not healthy the procedure is likely going to fail. 

Willingness to Wait

People love dental implants because of their permanence but they are not willing to wait. The process of getting implants can take a while so if you’re not a very patient person, this procedure is not for you. You have to be mentally prepared for this.  It usually takes months for your gums to heal and for the implants to fuse with your bone tissues. Only then will your implant dentist attach the crowns. Also, the recovery process of every patient is different. Some may heal faster while others slower. 

Orlando implant dentist holding dental implants in gloved hands

Are You Looking for an Orlando Implant Dentist?

Missing teeth will not only affect you emotionally but could also affect your oral health. Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth. Get in touch with us and we’ll examine if you’d make a good candidate for this procedure.  At Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer customized treatment plans for every dental problem. Our goal is to improve your appearance and oral function while at the same time enhance your oral health.  All of our dental health professionals are highly trained and skilled to provide you with the best possible care. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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