After dealing with the inconveniences of tooth loss for so long, you finally decide to get dental implants. Unfortunately, even if you want to, your implant dentist in Orlando will have the last say.  

Yes, dental implants are great for people with missing teeth, but since the process involves surgery and a lengthy recovery time, it’s understandable why not everyone is suitable for this procedure. Your implant dentist will perform a thorough screening to determine if dental implant surgery is right for you.  

An implant dentist Orlando talking to an elderly patient

Why Can’t You Get Dental Implants?

Age Factor  

Children and teenagers are not eligible for dental implant surgery since their jaws are still developing. Growing jaws pose a risk to implant positioning and bonding, which could negatively affect the results.  

As for elders, even if the procedure is successful, the dental implants may not last. The elderly may not be allowed to receive dental implants due to the risks associated with surgery. Most dentists limit dental implant placement to up to 85 years old. However, there are exceptions, so it’s best to see your dentist to know if you qualify.  

Poor Oral Health

Part of the screening process is asking questions about your dental hygiene habits and lifestyle choices. Individuals with poor oral habits will not be allowed to receive dental implants.  

If poor oral hygiene were the reason why your teeth and gums got damaged in the first place, it would likely still be the case once the implants are settled in. Poor lifestyle habits can increase your risk of developing gum disease, which can negatively impact the outcome of the procedure.

An implant dentist in Orlando sees a patient looking at a mirror while smiling

Are You Looking for a Reliable Implant Dentist in Orlando?

Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile and oral function, but they’re not for everyone. If you want to know if you qualify, book a consultation with us. Altamonte Implant offers affordable tooth restoration services, including dental implant placement. Get in touch with us to learn more.