According to Forbes, the popularity of dental implants as an alternative to bridges and dentures has grown tremendously since the 1970s. Today, people seek the services of an implant dentist in Orlando to restore their smile and boost oral health. Dental implants are durable and can give you a natural-looking smile. But do you know what’s the one thing about implants that people love the most? It’s their ease of maintenance.  

a person'ts teeth showing a gap with an implant placed by an implant dentist in Orlando

What Are the Best Ways to Care for Your Dental Implants?

Brush and Floss Daily

Dental implants require the same level of care as your natural teeth, so you’re expected to continue with your oral care routine at home. This means brushing and flossing daily.  

Brushing should be done twice a day for two minutes, while flossing can be done once before sleeping to dislodge plaque and food particles between your teeth. These steps will help prevent gum disease and keep your implants safely in place.  

Don’t Smoke or Chew Tobacco Products

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know it can also lead to dental implant failure? The reason is that nicotine and tobacco can cause the blood vessels in your gum tissues to constrict, resulting in poor blood flow.  

When there’s not enough blood in your tissues, it can lead to less oxygen that’s needed to promote healing. Smoking also increases your risk of complications post-op.  

Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits are critical to maintaining the health of your dental implants. Your dentist can examine your implant and check for any signs of problems and address them immediately before they can complicate.  

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Need More Tips from Your Implant Dentist in Orlando?

If you want to maintain your dental implants, you need to make an effort to keep them in excellent shape. Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry offers a wide array of dental treatments to help preserve and improve your smile and oral health. Contact us for an appointment.