If you’ve decided to steer clear from dentures or snap-in false teeth options that can be uncomfortable to wear, your dentist may have talked to you about getting a more permanent solution that can be placed in one day – same day dental implants Orlando. To find out if this is a suitable solution to your dental problem, check out its advantages.

It Eliminates the Need for Temporary Dental Prostheses

Unlike other treatment options, getting same day dental implants Orlando wouldn’t require you to wear any uncomfortable partial or full temporary prosthesis while your implants heal. You won’t have to wait for several months and go through several surgeries to receive your same day dental implants Orlando. Once you have them, they won’t need to be replaced.

A Seamless Smile in Just One Day

Since they’re the quickest method of regaining the desired look upon losing your original teeth, you can return to your normal life faster than when you choose to get traditional dental implants which will require several months before you get your previous appearance back. The surgical procedure for an arch takes only around 3 hours to complete which makes it a great choice if you’re one of those folks who dread being toothless for any length of time.

They’re Comfortable

Your new same day dental implants Orlando will replace the roots of your missing or damaged teeth. Aside from the fact that they’ll look and function like your original teeth, they don’t require the use of special glues or adhesives which may cause slight discomfort.

what are same day dental implants orlando?

What is the Success Rate for Same Day Dental Implants Orlando?

Research shows that using same day dental implants Orlando has a 98% success rate. What’s more, patients report that the treatment provides a high level of satisfaction. The dental experts at Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry can provide you with a single or full arch tooth replacement for missing or damaged teeth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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