Have you decided to replace your damaged or missing tooth with dental implants? Before getting any dental work done, it’s extremely important to be knowledgeable about dental implant parts so that you can understand what’s involved in the process. If you didn’t get the chance to ask your Orlando implant dentist about the different parts of a dental implant, here’s a look at what makes up the implant that has the ability to restore your beautiful smile:

The Implant Body

The implant body is the first part of the dental implant that’s inserted into the bone of the patient’s jaw where his missing tooth used to be. This is made up of a biocompatible material called titanium. The implant body is shaped like a screw so that it can adapt better as it fuses into your jawbone.

The Implant Abutment

The next part of your dental implant is the implant abutment. This is a peg tooth that was fabricated in the laboratory is screwed into the implant body. The size and the location of the dental implant determine the shape of the implant abutment.

The Implant Crown

The last part of the dental implant is called the implant crown. This component will be cemented into the implant abutment so that you can have an implant that looks, feels, and functions like your natural tooth. As your Orlando implant dentist performs each step that involves the placement of these three surgical components, he adheres to a specific timeline to ensure success. For instance, it could take about 2 to 3 months for the surgical portion to heal before the dental implant mold that’s commonly referred to as an “impression” is sent to the laboratory to have both the implant abutment and crown fabricated.

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