When you lose your teeth, we’re sure you’ll want to find the best tooth replacement solution the dental industry has to offer. Dental implants are by far the number one on the list because of their reliability, security, stability, strength, and maybe most importantly – their longevity. If you qualify, your dentist will refer you to an Orlando implant dentist.One of the reasons why dental implants are in demand is because they are known to last a lifetime. But don’t get too confident just yet. Despite their high success rate, dental implants can still fail.

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Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

Not Getting Implants Too Soon

One contributing factor to dental implant failure is when you wait too long after tooth loss to see an implant dentist. When you leave missing teeth unreplaced for a long period, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. This will result in poor jawbone quality, and it will make it difficult for your implants to fully integrate with your bone tissues in a process called osseointegration.The success of dental implant placement relies largely on this important step. To minimize the risk of dental implant failure, we suggest you request implants soon after you experienced tooth loss.

Occlusal Overload

Occlusal overload refers to a part of your tooth coming in contact with either a tooth in your lower or upper jaw.Inevitably, if this problem is not addressed, it will result in peri-implant bone loss and, ultimately, dental implant failure. When you have occlusal overload, we recommend you see a specialist to prevent dental implant failure.

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Do You Need to See an Orlando Implant Dentist?

If you have questions about dental implants and you want to know more about the procedure, feel free to talk to us. At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer personalized treatment plans that cater to your individual needs. We use modern techniques to ensure you get the smile you deserve. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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