The dental implant process can take up to several months to complete and involves multiple trips to your Orlando implant dentist. It’s a procedure that requires preparation and a great deal of patience. Preparing for your surgery can help prepare your body and mind for what’s ahead. Here’s a lowdown of what to expect in your journey toward achieving a beautiful smile and optimum oral health.  

An Orlando implant dentist showing a patient how implant works

Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Exam

Before you get your hopes up, know that not everyone can get dental implants. Your dentist will comprehensively analyze your mouth through a visual exam and by taking X-rays to determine if you’d make a good candidate for the surgery. You will also be asked questions about your overall health.  

Some patients are not allowed to undergo surgery because they have a weak immune system or are allergic to dental materials or anesthetics. All these are taken into consideration before moving on to the next step. The screening process is critical to the success and failure of the procedure.  

Dental Implant Placement

Your dentist will provide detailed instructions on what to do before the big day. Generally, you’ll be asked to fast for 12 hours if you’re under general anesthesia. You’ll also be advised to wear comfortable clothing to help keep you relaxed during surgery.  

If your jawbone is insufficient to support the implants, you may undergo bone grafting, a separate surgery to restructure your jawbone. Once the implants are placed, you’re given a set of post-op aftercare instructions that you’re expected to follow for the success of the surgery.  

An Orlando implant dentist talking to a patient

Looking for a Reliable Orlando Implant Dentist?

How you prepare for the surgery will affect the outcome of the procedure. At Altamonte Implant, we strive to provide you with quality dental care tailored to your needs. Our team has years of experience, training, skills, and knowledge to guide you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our services.