Dental crowns are a popular restoration in the dental industry. These are tooth-shaped caps that are cemented over your teeth to protect them from damage. You can think of these caps as protective helmets that will restore not just the aesthetic appeal of your smile but the integrity and strength of your teeth as well. Same day crowns in Orlando are usually recommended for patients who underwent root canal therapy and for those who wish to enhance their smile.

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How Quickly Can You Get Same Day Crowns?

Traditional Dental Crowns Versus Same Day Crowns

What is the main difference between traditional dental crowns and same day crowns? It mainly comes down to the amount of time you spend at the office to have your smile restored. Typical dental crowns normally take around one to two weeks to complete as they are made in a lab.Since you’ll need to wait for two weeks, you’ll have to book multiple appointments . Same day crowns, on the other hand, can be completed in one appointment since they are designed and made in the office through the use of a CAD/CAM machine.

The Process of Making Same Day Crowns

The process of fabricating same day crowns is simple and straightforward. Your dentist will first prepare your tooth and remove decayed or damaged parts. They will then proceed to reshape your tooth.Tooth preparation is crucial to ensure that it’s healthy and decay-free before the crown is placed. This is also to make sure the crown is a perfect fit and doesn’t affect your bite.After preparing your tooth, your dentist will scan it to get digital images of the site. The data will be sent to a milling machine, which is responsible for creating the crowns.

dentist same day crowns orlando

Are You Interested in Same Day Crowns in Orlando?

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