Only very few people are lucky enough to be born with beautiful teeth. If you don’t belong to the fortunate few, don’t feel bad for yourself because cosmetic dentistry has you covered. Cosmetic dentists offer various procedures that will help you get the smile you want! Veneers in Orlando are one of the most in-demand procedures these days as they completely transform your entire look!

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How Are Veneers Applied?

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that your cosmetic dentist will attach to the front portion of your teeth to enhance their appeal. You can choose between resin-composite or porcelain. Once they are attached to your teeth, they will stay there for years. Veneers are perfect for people who wish to change the size of their teeth, conceal discolored teeth, and cover-up broken or chipped teeth. Some only need one veneer to encase a chipped tooth, but most people invest in six to eight shells for an even smile.

How Are They Applied?

Typically, it would take roughly seven to 14 days to get your veneers since they are fabricated in the lab. First, your cosmetic dentist will assess the veneer's color, shape, and fit to see if they look good on you. Next, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no bacteria are trapped underneath the veneer, as this can lead to decay. Some parts of your enamel will be roughened using a grinding tool to create a coarse texture. This allows the veneer to stick to it with ease. A special cement is applied over your teeth to bond the veneers. Once that’s set, a UV light is used to harden the cement. After that, you’ll have a beautiful and bright smile!

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Do You Want to Learn More About Veneers in Orlando?

If you are dissatisfied with your smile, the application of veneers is the solution. At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a wide array of dental cosmetic treatments tailored to your needs. There is no dental problem we can’t fix. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment with us.

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