After you’ve had your implants placed by a qualified implant dentist in Orlando, you should get your smile and oral function back without discomfort. Successful dental implant placement should feel completely natural.If you start experiencing sensations that are out of the ordinary, you should call your restorative dentist right away so they can check what’s causing the problem. The discomfort felt should only be transient. If it persists, something is wrong.

getting implant from dentist in orlando

Dental Implant Discomfort Explained

Early Implant Discomfort Right After Placement

Since dental implant placement is a surgical procedure, it’s normal to feel discomfort after the surgery. The pain should subside after two weeks but if it lasts longer and if the pain worsens it could be because of an infection, a loose cap, nerve damage, pressure coming from your temporary tooth, unsuccessful osseointegration, or sinus problems.

Late Implant Discomfort Years After Placement

When your implants feel weird and uncomfortable after months or years following placement, it could be caused by poor-fitting prosthetics, loose or damaged prosthetics, peri-implantitis, or implant damage. If you experience discomfort long after your implants were placed, these factors could be the reasons for your dental implant failure.

getting implant from dentist in orlando

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