Perhaps your dentist Orlando Florida has recently recommended a root canal treatment to save your tooth. Although you’re all for it, you may be concerned about what you can expect after the procedure is done – particularly about the types of food that you’ll need to eat or avoid. To give you a head start, check this out:

What to Eat

To avoid biting the inside of your mouth, it’s best to wait until the anesthetic effects have worn off before you eat. Your dentist will advise you to consume only soft foods after your root canal treatment to keep the sensitive area from being irritated. Patients who are recovering from a root canal treatment can take lukewarm vegetable soup that contains soft vegetables, oatmeal or cream of wheat that’s made with milk for added nutrients or scrambled eggs and meatloaf for protein. If you want something filling, you can have pasta or noodles. Avocado, mashed bananas or tofu are great for healthy snacks.

What NOT to Eat

You’ll need to steer clear from hard or sticky foods if you don’t want them to crack the restoration or pull your temporary crown off your tooth. Your temporary crown may also be dislodged if you chew sticky foods. Furthermore, ice and hard candy can chip your porcelain crown. It’s also important to keep your food and drink at a mild temperature to avoid discomfort if you still have some nerves in your tooth after the root canal treatment. Hot soups can contract your sensitive tooth and overly cold drinks can trigger sensitivity around your newly-restored tooth.

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