Although your gums are an essential part of your mouth, you probably don’t want them to overshadow your upper teeth each time you smile. People who show too much gum when they laugh or grin often feel self-conscious about it. If you suffer from a condition that’s commonly referred to as a “gummy smile”, you’re probably wondering about its causes and treatment. It’s best if you talk to your dentist Orlando Florida about this problem.

Excessive Gum Tissue

A gummy smile is usually caused by an overgrowth of gingival tissue that covers too much of your upper teeth, making them appear too short. This excessive gum tissue can be caused by genetics, medication or inflammation in the gums. Before your dentist Orlando Florida could get your smile fixed, he or she would need to identify the underlying cause. If gum disease has caused the problem, your treatment may involve scaling and root planing. However, if no underlying condition is determined, the board-certified dentist Orlando Florida may only need to fix your gum problem with laser gum sculpting.

Hyperactive Lip Muscle

Hyperactive upper lip muscle that raises the lip up too far exposes more of the individual’s gums. Although this isn’t a medical issue, it’s a genetic trait that many people want to address. In most cases, hyperactive upper lip muscles are treated with Botox injections.

Dental Development

Another cause of a gummy smile is the development of a person’s teeth and jawbone. For instance, jawbones that jut out cause the protrusion of their front teeth and the exposure of too much gum. Orthodontic treatments including braces or removable clear aligners can generally fix this dental misalignment.

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