In case you’re not aware, recovery times after the placement of dental implants Orlando can vary due to factors that include the number of teeth affected and how you manage your recovery process. To help you recover quickly, check out these tips:

Get Some Rest

Be sure to avoid quickly standing or bending because doing so will cause discomfort and increase bleeding. It’s best if the first day of your recovery period is spent sitting still or resting in bed. Also, you’ll be advised to give yourself at least four days to recover before you exercise.

Shift to a Soft Diet

Examples of what you can eat are protein shakes, smoothies, and puréed foods. If you underwent a simple procedure where only one tooth was replaced and where bone grafting wasn’t required, you can resume your normal diet within 7 to 30 days. Although moderate procedures will typically require you to consume soft foods within 10 days post-surgery, you should also continue to stay away from steaks and other tougher foods until the whole process is completed. If you’ve experienced a difficult surgery where you received many dental implants Orlando, you’ll need to be on a strict soft diet for 6 weeks after your surgery and consult your dentist.

What NOT to Drink

Also, be sure to steer clear from alcoholic drinks and extremely hot foods and beverages such as coffee or tea. Your dentist will also remind you to refrain from taking any liquids from a straw until your mouth is completely healed.

Stop Smoking

Studies show that smoking can lead to higher rates of dental implant failure. If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to lay off this habit for at least a week following your surgery.

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