If you have been contemplating about getting dental implants Orlando FL we’re sure you’ve done your fair share of research and that includes reading about the pain timeline of the surgery. Just so you know, pain is to be expected following dental implant surgery. Your cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon will assure you that the pain is only temporary usually lasting for a week. Pain associated with dental implants has a timeline. Let’s find out what’s normal and what’s not.

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What is the Pain Timeline for Dental Implants?

When is Pain Considered Normal?

Patients who had just received dental implants complain of pain right following surgery. Don’t panic because the discomfort is normal but it will eventually subside after ten days.

When is Pain Not Normal?

Pain that lasts for more than two weeks should be reported immediately as this could indicate an infection. Call your cosmetic dentist right away and inform them that you are still experiencing pain. For pain that lasts between 3 to 4 months, the causes could be poor blood supply, infection, poor overall health, interactions with other pharmacological drugs you may be taking, allergic reaction, your body rejecting the implant, overloading, autoimmune disease or nerve tissue damage. If the pain persists for more than a year then it’s probably because you still continue to smoke, you grind or clench your teeth, or you have an infection.

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Should You Still Get Dental Implants Orlando FL?

Although dental implants Orlando FL cause pain, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because normally the pain will subside, and you can tolerate it by taking pain medications. The most important thing to do when undergoing surgery is to choose a competent cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon. At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer a wide range of customized treatment plans for all our patients. There is no dental problem we can’t fix. We use cutting-edge technology and employ modern dentistry techniques to ensure that you get the smile you have always wanted. All of our dental health professionals are highly trained and skilled to provide you with the best possible care. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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