After losing a tooth, you might begin to panic. Adults aren’t supposed to have missing teeth! What am I going to do without all of my teeth? Don’t worry. Thankfully for you, there are dental implants Orlando FL.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth or set of teeth. Not only are implants the most secure way to replace teeth, but the longest lasting too. An implant is typically made up of two or three parts. A screw that gets implanted into your jawbone, the crown that goes on top that looks like your old tooth, and a piece that connects the two.

Day of Surgery

When it comes to surgery, it is a routine process now. If you do not need to have any grafting done ahead of time, you will be taken for surgery as soon as they can schedule it. Once the procedure starts, the dentist will begin working on the empty socket. Once they reach the jawbone, titanium or ceramic screw will be placed into the bone. The surgeon will stitch you up and send you home with a temporary crown.

Post-Op and Beyond

Typically, you do not get your permanent crown immediately. Your dental professional will want to see how the jawbone accepts the implant or if there are any complications. If everything goes as planned, a several weeks later you will return to the office to get your permanent crown put on. This crown should last up to 10-15 years, depending on how you take care of it. The implant should last a lifetime, barring any complications.

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Looking for More Information About Dental Implants Orlando FL?

When it comes to dental implants Orlando FL, you need an expert that can be trusted. If you have been looking for more information about dental implants and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, contact us today. Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry are here to give you the level of dental care you both need and deserve.

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