Have you heard of metal-free dental implants in Orlando before? Most of us are more familiar with titanium metal implants and while they are still great, it makes you wonder why more patients are choosing the metal-free alternative. What makes traditional metal implants different from metal free dental implants? Basically, they differ in the material used.Traditional metal implants use titanium. Alternatively, the metal-free version is made from Zirconia or ceramic. However, while they differ in material, both are considered biocompatible. Let’s find out why metal-free dental implants are a good choice.

What are metal free dental implants Orlando

What Are The Advantages of Metal-Free Dental Implants?

Aesthetics and Smart Design

Patients who have metal implants embedded in their jawbone often complain of aesthetic issues, especially if they have thin or receding gums. Why? It’s because their gums look grayish due to the titanium. On the other hand, metal free dental implants are white. So, even if you have thin gums, it won't show. A metal implant consists of 3 parts–a post, abutment, and crown. Unfortunately, the metal pieces can become loose and create pockets of pressure where bacteria thrive. This is not the case for metal free dental implants because of its one-piece design.

Fewer Chances of Allergies

People who have allergies can develop a reaction to traditional dental implants. Studies show that there are patients who manifested sensitivity years after the dental implants have been placed. Ultimately, these allergic reactions can lead to bone loss and dental implant failure. The main advantage of metal-free dental implants is their hypoallergenic design, so you don’t have to worry about being allergic!

What are metal free dental implants Orlando

Are You Interested In Getting Metal-Free Dental Implants in Orlando?

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