Suppose you have missing teeth or are experiencing speech and chewing problems with your current dental prosthesis. In that case, you may want to switch them up with something that closely resembles natural teeth – metal free dental implants in Orlando. Dental implants have been around since 1965, and since then, patients have requested implants to complete their smiles. Once you qualify for the procedure, your cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon will let you choose between traditional dental implants and metal free dental implants. The popularity of the latter has grown immensely over the years. So why are people more interested in metal free implants?

dentist checking patient's mouth if she qualifies for metal free dental implants Orlando

What are the Benefits of Metal Free Dental Implants?

Minimize Oral Bacteria

Did you know that metal free dental implants are specially designed to reduce bacterial and plaque buildup around the implants? With its remarkable design coupled with a diligent oral care routine, you will experience a significant improvement in your oral health.

Shorter Surgery and Recovery Time

Research shows that metal-free dental implants have considerably shorter recovery and surgical times than metal implants due to their unique placement techniques.


Metal free dental implants are ideal for individuals who cannot receive titanium implants because of allergies. Although rare, there are cases where people do develop an allergic reaction to metal.

Looks Natural

Since the screw and abutment are made of metal, the color is silver. Unfortunately, if you have thin gums, the silver color will show through your gumline. Instead of a silver base, metal free dental implants have a base color similar to natural tooth roots, so even if you have thin gums, they won’t show.

Durable and Strong

Like traditional implants, metal free dental implants are strong and durable since they also fuse permanently with your jawbone. And when properly cared for, these implants will last decades.

patient smiling with her metal free dental implants Orlando

Are You Interested in Metal Free Dental Implants in Orlando?

If you want to replace missing teeth with metal free dental implants, we’ve got you covered. At Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a wide range of tailor-made treatment plans to suit your needs. Our skilled, caring, and friendly professionals will work closely with you to give you the smile of your dreams. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment with us.

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