If you’ve done your research on teeth replacement options, you know that dental implant surgery outshines them all in terms of longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. For patients who are scared of titanium allergies, they can give Metal Free Dental Implants in Orlando a try. In this procedure, your oral surgeon will drill holes in your jawbone to accommodate the metal posts that will serve as artificial tooth roots.Unfortunately, not a lot of people are sold on the idea of using metal implants because they are apprehensive about the effects of metal and its proximity to the brain. Let’s find out if metal free dental implants are just as good as titanium implants.

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Are Metal-Free Dental Implants Worth It?


If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of Metal Free Dental Implants in Orlando, you’ll be happy to know that ceramic dental implants will give your smile a more natural look. Patients whose gums have receded or those who have naturally thin gums have discovered that titanium metal implants make their gums look grayish. Since ceramic dental implants are white, it makes your smile look natural. You don’t have to concern yourself about gum discoloration.

Smart Design

Have you seen the design of both metal implants and Metal Free Dental Implants in Orlando? With traditional metal implants, you will notice that there are two components linked together via a screw. When too much pressure is applied, these two parts can shift out of position, creating pockets that allow bacteria to multiply. Ceramic dental implants are smartly designed as it comes in one piece eliminating the risk of infection.


Do You Want to Learn More About Metal Free Dental Implants in Orlando?

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