Are you interested to know more about the all on four implants Orlando? Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about it from your friends or relatives but you’re not so sure if these bits of information are factual or otherwise. Listed below are some of the most notorious myths about the all on four implants Orlando.

This is a New Procedure

Although the concept of this treatment has been established for decades, changes have occurred over the years. For instance, implants that are more versatile are now available in the market. One of which is the angled implant which makes it possible to extend teeth farther back while missing the nerve bundle in the patient’s lower jaw.

Anyone Who Has Dentures is a Good Candidate

Not every patient is qualified to have this type of treatment. Since this involves the placement of four dental implants on the patient’s top and bottom jaws, the oral surgeon has to make sure that your bone density is sufficient enough to support them.

It’s Too Good to be True

It’s possible for them to receive their dental implants as well as their temporary, non-removable dentures in a single day. However, they will be required to keep preliminary and follow-up appointments. Furthermore, all on four implants Orlando aren’t less effective or less stable compared to other methods.

No Need to Brush and Floss

While it’s true that implants will not suffer decay, it’s still possible for you to get gum disease around them. If a single implant is lost to gum disease, you may also lose the part of the restoration that replaces all your teeth.

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Are All on Four Implants Orlando the Right Choice for You?

The best way to know if the all on four implants Orlando is the right choice for you is to schedule an appointment with the experts at Altamonte Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. Start a conversation today by calling us now.

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