Are you sick and tired of living with missing or damaged teeth? If you are, getting all on four implants Orlando might be the answer to your prayers. Here are some of the facts about this option that you need to know.

Bone Density is Not Much of an Issue

When individual implants are placed, sufficient bone density is required in order to hold them in their proper position. If your bone density is weak, some preliminary work will have to be done. With all-on-four implants, this type of reinforcement may not be necessary because your dentist can use an approach that involves installing them at a slight angle. This allows the attachment of dental plates that will provide you with a full arch of upper or lower teeth.

You’ll Get Faster Results

The insertion of all-on-four implants can be completed within a single session. Once in place, temporary plates can be worn until the permanent ones are ready. After a week, the custom permanent plates will then be attached to the all-on-four implants.

No Gum Irritation

Dentures may leave your gums red and irritated even with a dental adhesive in place. You won’t have this problem with all-on-four implants because the dental plates that are attached to the implants won’t ever rub against the gum. After the area around the implants are fully healed, your gums will remain healthy.

Your Ability to Chew Will Be Restored

Since all-on-four implants Orlando have 70% greater bite force than dentures, you’ll get to enjoy your food more and you’ll worry less about damaging your new set of teeth.

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