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Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

Those who suffer from severe tooth discomfort often choose the “Teeth in a Day” procedure to deal with issues like gum disease, severe oral injuries, gum recession, or loose teeth that can't be saved, and must be extracted. Teeth in a Day has proven to be a very convenient solution for patients, and superior to traditional dentures. The Teeth in a Day procedure has been a major revolution to implant dentistry, with patients reporting greater stability with Teeth in a Day implants when compared to the use of dentures. And, the Teeth in a Day requires only one visit!

The Teeth in a Day Treatment

Dr. Miranda is proud to offer the Teeth in a Day treatment. This state-of-the-art dental procedure provides patients with a brand new set of stable, strong teeth in one session, and uses as few as four dental implants. Patients can smile, eat, and speak comfortably after the Teeth in a Day treatment.

An Overview of the Teeth in a Day Treatment Procedure

Dr. Miranda recommends patients opting for the Teeth in a Day treatment also have a standard oral health examination and consultation before the procedure. Here's what to expect in the Teeth in a Day treatment procedure:

Patients are given a local anesthetic

Teeth in the area being treated are removed (unless the procedure is being performed to replace teeth already missing)

The removed tooth site is re-shaped to make a space for your dental implant

Titanium implants are inserted into the space and surgically placed in the alveolar bone (the jaw bone that has tooth sockets)

A temporary fixed set of teeth is inserted over the implants to protect the implant area as it heals.

Then, a final permanent set of teeth is inserted to replace the temporary set.

If you have any questions about the Teeth in a Day treatment, do not hesitate to contact the office of Dr. Miranda. We can answer any questions you may have.

The Teeth in a Day Treatment Plan

Before you have the Teeth in a Day procedure, Dr. Miranda will schedule a preliminary visit to evaluate your general health, and the current condition of your teeth and gums. This can include going over 3D scans of your teeth, impressions, and X-rays. After your single appointment Teeth in a Day surgery, you will care for your implants like normal teeth through brushing and flossing. After about a few months of healing, Dr. Miranda will implant a custom-made titanium bar to strengthen your new teeth and keep your bite strong.

Is the Teeth in a Day Treatment Right for Me?

Dr. Miranda recommends his Teeth in a Day treatment for patients who have lost most or all their teeth. The Teeth in a Day treatment option is best for patients who are looking to quickly restore a full set of healthy, strong teeth, and who don’t want to fight with traditional dentures, but have sturdy teeth with no restrictions about what they can eat.

Why the Teeth in a Day Treatment could be Right for You

  • Same day treatment
  • Teeth are anchored in your mouth like natural teeth
  • Teeth are ready for immediate use after the procedure
  • Chewing ability is restored
  • No dentures
  • Replacement teeth won't ever be needed
  • Your beautiful smile – along with your self-confidence is restored

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Dr. Miranda and his experienced staff are dedicated to helping patients completely resolve their oral health care needs. Contact us today to set an appointment to find out if the Teeth in a Day treatment option will work for you. Ready for a new smile? Call today.

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